The clinicians at Finding Balance, Ltd. will see all clients - with or without insurance.

Many services are reimbursable by health insurance and are more affordable than you think.

Not all insurance plans are the same and as a result it is important to check your benefits prior to your first appointment. We will be happy to assist you with this process.

Knowing exactly what your insurance plan covers or does not cover is important information for you, as a healthcare consumer, to have. A thorough understanding of your benefits can go a long way toward preventing unexpected financial surprises. We encourage all of our clients to research the details of their eligibility and coverage limits, with their insurance carrier, prior to making their first appointment. We will be glad to provide the paperwork required to obtain reimbursement from your insurer.

Phone Counseling may provide an economical alternative to in-office sessions.

Some questions to ask your insurance carrier:

  • What is my co-pay per session?
  • What is my coverage for seeing an Out of Network provider?
  • What percentage of the provider's fee does insurance cover, and what percentage must I cover?
  • Do I need an authorization or certification number before I set an appointment with my therapist?
  • How many sessions am I, or those covered under my plan, eligible to use, per year?
  • Does my plan cover individual, relationship/marital and/or family counseling?
  • Which type does it exclude, if any?

To schedule a free phone consultation or appointment, please email us or call (630)777-7113.